Pottery mice

Pottery mice

Our handmade pottery mice are still a firm favourite with our customers after over 40 years of making them. They’ve changed a bit over the decades, not only in appearance, but in price too! In 1979 they were selling for 25 pence !

Made from durable stoneware pottery and finished in a buff oxide these pottery mice look great on a cheese board or equally cool hiding in a quiet corner of a bookshelf.

Over the years many deli’s and cheese shops have bought our pottery mice to display alongside their selection of cheeses. In Barnstaple our local artisan cheese shop South West Cheese https://www.southwestcheeseuk.com/ always has them for sale.

Alternatively they can be ordered on our online shop here, https://www.dosrodgerspottery.co.uk/products-by-category/pottery-mice/

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